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Pokémon Smile allows make toothbrushing a amusing addiction with Pokémon!

Turn toothbrushing into a amusing and interesting journey with Pokémon Smile! Players can companion up with a number of their preferred Pokémon to defeat the hollow space-causing bacteria and shop captured Pokémon. Only through consistently brushing their tooth can they keep all of the Pokémon, incomes the risk to capture them.

■ Thorough toothbrushing is the key to catching Pokémon!
Some unfortunate Pokémon were captured through the cavity-inflicting micro organism inner your mouth! By brushing your enamel, you could defeat these micro organism and shop the Pokémon. If you do a remarkable process brushing, you’ll be able to trap the Pokémon you store, too!

■ Completing your Pokédex, accumulating Pokémon Caps—there are lots of ways to enjoy Pokémon Smile!
• Pokédex: More than one hundred lovable Pokémon seem in Pokémon Smile. Build up a habit of brushing your tooth daily to seize all of them and whole your Pokédex!
• Pokémon Caps: As you play, you’ll also liberate all styles of Pokémon Caps—amusing and unique hats you could “put on” at the same time as brushing!

■ Keep it as much as emerge as a Brushing Master!
Regularly brushing your teeth will earn you Brushing Awards. Collect all the Brushing Awards, and emerge as a Brushing Master!

■ Decorate your preferred snap shots for fun!
While you brush, you can permit the sport snap some snap shots of your incredible brushing in action. Choose your preferred shot, and then have a few amusing redecorating it with a selection of stickers! Keep brushing your teeth every day, and also you’ll continue to accumulate extra stickers you may use to enhance your photos.

■ And more beneficial functions!
• Toothbrushing steerage: Players can be guided thru the toothbrushing method, supporting them to brush all regions of their mouth.
• Notifications: Create up to 3 reminders a day to inform players whilst it’s time to sweep!
• Duration: Choose how lengthy each toothbrushing session need to remaining: one, , or three mins. That manner, the wishes of customers of all ages can be accommodated.
• Support for up to three consumer profiles, permitting a couple of gamers to store their progress.

■ Toothbrushing suggestions
After each brushing session, you’ll additionally be able to pick out up some beneficial hints for how to brush the fine you can, based on recommendation from dental professionals.

■ Important notes
• Be positive to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice before the use of this app.
• Internet connection required. Data-utilization fees might also practice.
• This app isn’t always supposed to prevent or deal with cavities, nor does it guarantee that gamers will benefit a liking for toothbrushing or make it a addiction.
• When Pokémon Smile is being performed by means of a toddler, a determine or guardian have to constantly be present and guide the kid in their toothbrushing to avoid accidents.

■ Supported systems
Pokémon Smile can be performed on gadgets the use of a supported OS.
OS requirements: Android 6.0 or later
• Please be aware that the app won’t run well on positive devices.

©2020 Pokémon. ©1995–2020 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc.
Pokémon is a registered trademark of Nintendo.





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